We are a production company working out of Toronto. Our goal is to create visual media around budgets our clients can meet without lowering the quality. 

Our business model is based on production leadership/guidance with no set roster of crew. This allows us to create a team of individuals in all departments (Camera, Sound, Graphic Design, VFX, Casting, etc) to meet the specific needs of the client's imagination. Where most media production companies have set employees to fill certain roles, our methods allow us to never be cemented in a certain style or look. We are always adapting for the client.

Productions/Products come in many sizes and styles. We’ve worked with small, and large teams for a variety of projects. Through these experiences, we’ve gained a full understanding of how to maximize the potential within your budget.

Clients will be a part of the full process and given complete details on every stage of the production allowing for your company to a full understanding of the product from early concepts to final deliverable.

Drop us an email and let's get started!